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Removing Original Files from Cloud after importing to LR Classic

New Here ,
Oct 13, 2022 Oct 13, 2022

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I normally transfer my photos directly from my SD card to LR Classic on my desktop, then I move them to a smart collection folder that syncs with LR CC if I want to edit on my iPad. My approach is to only keep smart previews in the cloud, to maximize my 20gb storage. 


This time around, I wanted to try importing to LR CC via a SD reader dongle. Then I went to LR Classic and sync'd, which brought all my photos I had just imported to LR CC. From there I created a local folder on my desktop and copied the full size photos into the folder within LR Classic. All seems good, except now I'm trying to figure out a way to remove the full size original files from the cloud and only keep the smart previews.


I highlighted all the recently imported photos in the Smart Collection and built smart previews. I cleared the cache on my LR CC on my mobile device, but when I click on the cloud storage info, the data used is still the same. When looking at the info for one of these images in LR CC, it did change the Local file to "Smart Preview" (assuming because I cleared the cache), but the Cloud Backup still states "Original - CR3".  Do I need to delete the photos from LR CC and then resync them from LR Classic (I do have Download only Smart Previews checked in the LR CC cloud options, however this is a bit backwards since the files originated on the cloud).


I was hoping there was a streamlined way to approach this so that I have the option to upload images into LR CC when I am travelling and temporarily store them in the Cloud until I got home and could pull the back out with LR Classic. But if I need to delete and resync and all these extra steps, it doesn't seem worth the trouble versus getting a local storage device or just additional SD cards for when I'm travelling.






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