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Slow loading and lag in editing

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Nov 02, 2022 Nov 02, 2022

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Massive Lag in LRC v. 12. 
QUESTION: SysInfo in LRC Help > System > Info indicates Win 10. However, my OS is Win 11 64bit. 
Since I updated to Win 11, LRC has been incredibly slow. V. 11 began to lag annoyingly following update to Win11 and V. 12 is, frankly, unuseable. It took me three 12-hour days to edit 350 images right after updating to V. 12. 

My system is 1.5 years old, has an excellent NVIDIA GPU optimized for graphics. LRC - program - located on fast NVMe - same drive as Photoshop, which loads in 5 seconds and no lag in editing. LRC catalogue on NVMe and is the only thing on that drive. Images on 6TB internal drive, half empty. 

I have had THREE adobe techs take over my system to try to ID the problem, including complete uninstall/reinstall of everything CC. Zero difference.  Have tested TINY catalogues exported to two separate very fast NVMe drives - zero difference. I have made every single suggested adjustment to preferences - zero difference. 

I really need to ID what is causing the program to take up to 60 seconds to load in the first place, and if that is related to the immense, impossible, glacial lag in editing. Curious if LRC not recognizing Win 11 could be an issue. 









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