Sync Issues of files with the same name from different dates and events

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Mar 27, 2022 Mar 27, 2022

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Windows 10.1 Lightroom Classic CC 11.1

So I've just run into an issue and Adobe chat support was unable to give me help.  I do have a follow up phone call scheduled for this tuesday.  I primarily use LR classic for my workflow, making collections and syncing them to the cloud for Client proofs and easy access from my phone if I need to look at them or do some edits on my laptop using CC while traveling.  I don't use CC or Mobile to import photos, just to access the smart previews and edit ability of what's stored on my desktop via Classic.


As I was browsing through my collections (albums) on my phone yesterday, I noticed that in quite a few of them there were photos dramatically out of place.  I didn't initially understand what was going on just that many of my collections had photos from various other collections in them without seeming rhyme or reason.  I chatted with Adobe about it both today and yesterday and even went through their remote desktop support all to no avail which is when they scheduled my call back.


I decided to invistage further and I noticed that what seems to have happened was that different files from different years (or the same year if the file name was a match) have been displaced into collections with other photos that have the same file sequence.  Essentially, something in Lightroom's cloud system saw two files with the same name and swapped their metadata and thus swapped them around into the wrong online gallieres and into the wrong places in the timelines. 


In some instances the files a duplicated (the original is where it is supposed to be for example DSC_3655(June 15, 2020 at 1:25pm) & DSC_3655(April 04, 2021 at 11:52am) should be two different files but in LR they are the same with the actual 2021 file missing in the cloud ether.  In some instances a single collection from a single day has files appearing in it from as many as 5 previous events all with their metadata showing as if they were from the actuall collection.

Screen shots show the difference in LR Classic vs. Web



I would like to know if there's a way for Adobe to quickly fix this, it's just happend over the alst few days.  Maybe that have a backup of sync info from before it got screwed up.  I try to keep my software up today and follow Adobe's recomendation on mantainance and software updates. Any advice on this situaiton would be helpful.  I'd hate to have to back and figure out how to sort and reupload or sync ot fix thousands of images in my cloud system.








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