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Synchronize folder import broken

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Apr 06, 2022 Apr 06, 2022

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Issue: Folder synchronisation reports missing photos but will not add them (back) to catalog

Lightroom Classic Version Number: 11.2
OS Version Number:  Windows 10 Professional 64 bit

Steps to reproduce:

1. Noticed some missing photos from a HDD folder, not uncommon as I occasionally add them from other sources via Windows Explorer

2. Selected Synchronize Folder and LR reported 136 missing photos

3. Import photos, remove missing photos and scan metadata boxes checked

4. LR reports 136 missing photos and when synchronize button selected, no photos are added


Steps to correct problem:

1. Checked catalog for errors, none found

2. Retrieved a backup catalog, same problem

3. Checked box to display import dialog, same problem

4. Import dialog, unchecked 'do not import suspected duplicates' and completed synchronization, corrected the error


This bug is new to version 11 as in version 10, I could leave the 'suspected duplicates' checked for routine post photo shoot imports. Now, I manually have to recheck the 'suspected duplicates' for each import. I suspect the issue is the logic in the synchronize folder functionality which naturally should ignore the 'suspected duplicates' check box.









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