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Unreasonably laggy Lightroom performance and flickering (Photoshop) with HDR capable screens

New Here ,
Oct 09, 2022 Oct 09, 2022

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Hi everyone,


First time posting here cause Adobe asked me to share my experiences with everyone. Have requested that they fix it in an update as well. Recently I reformatted my PC and installed a new graphics card in my PC. My hardware consists of a:


ASUS Z170s Sabertooth

Intel Core i7 6700 3.4GHz

2 x 16Gb 2133MHz

2Tb Samsung 970 Evo NVME SSD

GTX 1070ti (upgraded from GTX 970 OC edition)


Prior to reformmating (due to other issues), my Lightroom and Photoshop were both working fine. After I reformmated and installed both. I didn't really use Lightroom and Photoshop since cause I don't shoot professionally anymore and I'm kinda "retired" from shooting and have been focusing on my fall back job. Recently I got a new used Aorus 27" IPS monitor capable of HDR and after setting up everything, my Lightroom became unreasonably laggy, rotation, brush, gradient filter and cropping took more than a second to update when previously, it didn't.


No reason why a better graphics card would result in slower performance, especially and old one that has more or less matured. In photoshop, when I click on menu, the preview in the top right hand corner (Photography layout) and menus will just keep flickering, when I did things such as smart sharpening, it will flicker as well. And overall, the performance will be slow. It is worth mentioning Windows is up to date, my graphics drivers are up to date and of course, Adobe products are up to date. It would be stupid not to have them up to date especially now that I work in the IT industry and it's a main part of my job to do.


It was unusually slow considering everything but the raw file itself is on mechanical hard disk. Everything was on a modern NVME drive so it should be pretty much instantaneous. I rolled back to an older Lightroom and it didn't help. Fed up with the issue, I resorted to contacting Adobe technical support. They did things that I myself in the IT industry would have done. They controled my PC remotely and guided me to reset settings, start a new catalog, and even got me to do a clean removal of everything Adobe (which is a pain) and still they couldn't find a solution, and 2 technical support eventually "left the chat". Whether it was a technical error or they just left cause they didn't want to be blamed or something, I was pissed as I was rushing a job I was helping a friend with on a freelance basis. I went to bed and the next day I woke up and thought about the settings I changed between the time I formatted my PC and changed parts. I tried Lightroom on my laptop to make sure I wasn't being unreasonable with the speed I want my PC to perform like how I did moving from a small camera sensor to a larger one and expected 0 digital noise in my photos.


I plugged in a 2nd portable 15.6" monitor to my computer and it worked flawlessly, that's when I started thinking what do my Aorus monitor, portable monitor and laptop have configured differently. I thought it could be the refresh rate or the resolution but those have changed for quite some time and after tweaking it, there wasn't any difference. Then it hit me, and I finally found the culprit! The culprit was the HDR capability of my montior, and Windows HD colour was the only thing on that's present on my 27" monitor that the other 2 didn't have! I turned it off, lo and behold, Lightroom was responsive once again and Photoshop stopped flickering! So I quickly calibrated my monitor and started rushing my job. Hopefuly Adobe is reading this and starts working on an update that allows Windows HD colour to be turned on with Lightroom and Photoshop utilizing it as we move forward into a more HDR capable display future.



- Lightroom was unreasonably slow, Photoshop was slow and would flicker

- Software, drivers, firmware are all up to date

- Computer is relatively modern at least and capable of playing AAA title games, so Lightroom and Photoshop should be a piece of cake

- Recently changed monitors


Solution: Windows HDR should be off to fix the issue

macOS , Windows






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