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Unresponsive for minutes

Community Beginner ,
Jan 11, 2024 Jan 11, 2024

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Hello, I work on a powerful IMac Pro, 128 GB memory/3 GHz 10-Core Intel Xeon W processer running the most current version of Sonoma OS. I have been using LR Classic for a few years now, with no real issues until now.

I was trying to create collections from my files on my EXT HD (within Lightroom) and also trying to delete folders from my Collections. I have been having MAJOR SPINNING BEACH BALL SLOWNESS issues. The spinning ball was going for minutes at a time for even the smallest task.

I have been on the phone with Adobe reps for three days now, all of whom know what they are doing. The rep installed an older version of LRC (13.0) instead of the newest upgrade I’d been working on (13.1).

He also did everything else possible to optimize performance - set cache to highest point - 100 GB.

After three days of troubleshooting, the rep determined that the Upgraded 13.1 is just not able to keep up with my Imac Pro computer, and that I should submit a bug fix. As of now, things are a bit better since I am again working on 13.0, but still far from the speed that I should be getting.

LRC is way underperforming, almost unusable. I need help fast!!!








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