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What all happens when Rebuilding Sync Data?

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Nov 13, 2022 Nov 13, 2022

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I am a manager and file administrator for my cousins wedding photography business, and on his system he has had a single file trying to sync for months, as long as I have been working for him.



It has not (knowingly) caused issues but I am finally getting around to trying to fix it.  I have read that Rebuilding Sync Data, might help solve the issue, however I'd like to better understand what all happens when I do that.

Reason for my hesitation is that our total Synced Data encompasses 252,451 photos synced. If rebuilding the sync data is going to have to run it's course through all of our currently synced files then not only do I see that taking a very very long time, but I worry it may fail for some reason and then cause other issues (this is without any knowledge of what issues it may cause, but just me being paranoid).  Even if it does not have a significant risk of "causing issues", if it's going to run through the entirety of our synced photos, I imagine that will take quite a bit of time, and I would need to coordinate that timing when it would be better suited (such as in a month when we enter the slow season).

For further information, the asset path/link when I click on it, takes me to the the Lightroom Cloud website for the image, but the image never populates.  If I could just simply delete the file I would but I am unsure if that's a possibility.  I am just looking for the path of least resistance to resolving this single file being stubborn/lost, and if it will require me to use the Rebuild Sync Data function, I'd like to know more about if it's going to affect all of my currently synced photos (in any way).


macOS , Windows






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