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When upgrades/updates to the apps occur, publish a "What has Changed" document, the "What’s Is New D

Oct 26, 2023 Oct 26, 2023

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So the situation is when Adobe makes changes to the Interface, they do not exactly share that info. Oh Adobe puts out a document on what new features have been added, but nothing on what changes occurred.


For example. In the latest upgrades/updates as of late:


  • We have seen what is new concerning HDR in the Treatment panel
  • We have not seen a document telling us that the Histogram was changed



Other examples, that may have noting to do with a new feature, but have changed (or  I think has changed)


  • We are now calling the area in the Develop Module right side panel with AUTO, B&W and HDR the Treatment Panel, Ok maybe that is old, but it has taken on more importance
  • Auto, moved to said Treatment panel


These are just some of the latest, similar changes have occurred over the years. While members can advise fellow members about the changes, it would be nice if Adobe could.


I would consider this an Idea, but it is not a call for change in a application, but a call for change in company communication practices.

macOS , Windows






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