Birds auto removal filter (for timelapse photographers)

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Jun 21, 2022 Jun 21, 2022

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As a timelapse photographer, I need this feature so much!

Birds suddendly appear in different parts of the frame & look like rubbish in the final video.


I know some tricks in AE/Pr how to remove them fast with the Lighten blend mode by duplicating the same footage and moving it 1 frame forward, but it doesn't always work perfectly. It often gives artifacts.


Being a perfectionist, I do it manually frame by frame in PS with the Spot Healing brush.

Can you imagine how time consuming it is? 300-500+ images to clean... At the sunrise the birds wake up and are very active. Almost the same thing with the sunsets. That's why I need the feature like the content aware birds removal. I'm sure it would be also useful for amateurs and landscape photographers.


The filter should automatically detect birds and remove them like the Content aware fill. You already have the algorithm that selects the sky, just teach it to find the darkest lonely dots there and remove them. That's it.

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