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May 01, 2022 May 01, 2022

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The settings that are not currently selectable/available in the Copy/Sync Settings Menu should be added.


We should have the complete list, the checkboxes for all the existing settings and/or an efficient and simple way to copy/sync any settings.


• In detail.


With the exception of Basic Panel at today it is still not possible to select and/or copy/sync single specific setting from the other existing panels. 


For instance the only way to copy one or more specific settings (e.g Red Saturation, Blue Hue, Black Parametric, Highlights Hue, Blending, Global Luminance, etc...) to other photos is to select multiple and then use Auto Sync in Develop module...but unfortunately that requires multiple steps and needlessly add steps to History as well.


I suggest to have the complete list of settings. 

The following simple option in Develop module would help tremendously as well:  "Right Click on setting : copy/sync!"


This option would already be better than what we have now.





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