LR Develop (crop tool): Change the lock function from "auto re-switch“ to a simple "manually fix“

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Jul 19, 2022 Jul 19, 2022

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idea: it is a confusing user interface (since LR started to exist) and needs a lot of concentration to decide, how and when you have to lock/unlock, wether you keep proportions, or manually change the ratio.
Observation: One of my workflows (photo documentaries) is to use crop in fixed option (original ratio) most of the time. Some pictures in the postproduction need an unfixed ratio (panoramic, 1:1, etc.), which needs to unlock crop tool. But you have to be very concentrated and aware during workflow, WHEN to unlock, exactly, as all following steps depend on THIS decision and do need a lot of further concentration. A general change between un-/lock for all next steps/images is not possible, unless you select the un-/lock BEFORE first touch of the crop frame. 
Every later changes of un-/lock just happen for the picture in process, but do a reset at the following image in the sequence.
Why not integrate a „forced“ manually change of lock/unlock at any step you want, instead of an „automatic“ re-switch to previous (un-/locked) proportion?
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