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P: Add capability to specific a differnet filename template for each external editor

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Jul 20, 2023 Jul 20, 2023

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I'd like to be able to use differnt filename patterns for each external editor. Currently there is a single pattern used by all external editors.


Having specific filename patterns for each editor would allow folks to track what tool created the new file when we invoke differnt tools.


Here's my use case.


In my workflow I start with Lightroom. Depending on the image, I may also use various tools from Topaz, Luminar Neo, Dxo, etc. I want to keep track of which tool created the next file in my workflow. Right now I see filenames similar to this when I use Topaz Denoise AI and Luminar Neo for example:

  1. _M6A1234.dng
  2. _M6A1234-Edit.tif
  3. _M6A1234-Edit-Edit.tif


It would be great if this was automatically handled during the invocation of the tool and we'd end up with different names like this:

  1. _M6A1234.dng
  2. _M6A1234-TopazDN.tif
  3. _M6A1234-TopazDN-NEO.tif
  4. etc.


All you would have to do is add a field to each external editor group for "Filename Template". Users would just use the same input dialogue you already use for filename template and could use custom text like "Filename" - <tooltext>. That way each external editor invocation just keeps appending <tooltext> to each iteration of the file in the workflow.


If there is no Filename Template entry for a specific tool, use the default one that you already have set to "Filename" - Edit.


With this capability each external editor vendor could create unique text when they install their plugins. I think it would really be seen as a great improvement over the "Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit" filename that makes it impossible to keep track of what went in to that image. This of course would be easy for users if the vendors buy in and do this. Your users would "automatically" inherit this capability without having to do it themselves (have to reinstall the plugin, but that's easy enough).


Obviously can't speak for everyone, but I don't always remember every step or process my images in the exact same sequence. With this added capability to Lightroom, folks could open their Stacks and easily see the tools used on every image.


I inlcuded mock-up screen for you!

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