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P: Add layouts with gutter

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Nov 30, 2022 Nov 30, 2022

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  1. *DESPERATELY* needs layouts with gutter. Or at the least a much, much easier way to create asymmetric layouts. I've spent hours and hours just getting a small number of them right. You would think there would be an easy way to take a symmetrical margin layout and add gutter to the left or right, depending, but, nerp. So, so infuriating.
  2. It's confusing as h e double hockey sticks to work with books as though they were collections. Why aren't they just collections? Drag photos that you want in. Select another book. Drag photos that you want in. Go back to the first book. Drag more photos in, drag some out. WHY IS THIS HARD? Why am I glued to collections of photos that I didn't ask for? Why is this so counter-intuitive and broken?
  3. Idek what a "saved book" is. It's incredibly poorly defined. What does saving a book do for me and why should I? If ever there was a need for a verbose tooltip ....


The Book Module has been a pretty good way for me to create Blurb books and I'll very likely continue using it, but wow is it a PITA to do some simple things that are just essential. I dread having to go back to it, but I dislike Blurb's java tool more.

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