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P: Implement option to "Scale Curve"

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Oct 21, 2023 Oct 21, 2023

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Over the years many of us have created, saved and applied Custom Curves to our images.
These curves predate the Implementation of the new ExtendedToneCurvePV2012 and ExtendedMainCurve that have been introduced with HDR.

This means that the curves in our library of presets or in our edited images, are not easily and flexibility usable for HDR...but it should not be the case.


This S shaped Custom Curve was created in LrC 12 and this curve woks efficiently for the underlying Histogram.


Screenshot 2023-10-21 at 12.43.39.png


When we apply this curve (via a preset for instance) to an HDR image with comparable or nearly identical underlying histogram this is this result.

Screenshot 2023-10-21 at 12.44.01.png

This curve doens't work anymore, it is limited to SDR region because that's all we what had before LrC 13.
The user must re-draw the entire S curve to make it work for HDR  or must create a new preset but neither of the two operations is fast.

Having to recreate HDR versions of our curves is a significant endeavor.


  • To solve this situation I request the ability/option to Scale Curve.


Using the above S curve example the user would be able to "scale" that SDR curve into a HDR one obtaining this:


Screenshot 2023-10-21 at 12.44.07.png

With such option our entire library of Custom Curve, presets or the very curves in our images, would be flexibly, easily and readily usable for HDR.

No need to redraw them or create new presets.


Conversely with the ability to scale Curves any Custom Curve created in HDR could be scaled down to SDR.


The "Scale Curve" option could be doable via right clicking the channel itself  or an Icon AND obviously should doable for Curve in Masking.


Scale Curves.pngScale Cruve Icon.png


Idea No status
macOS , Windows






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