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P: Set watermark before export while editing

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Dec 22, 2022 Dec 22, 2022

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It would be extremely useful and helpful to have the ability to set the watermark template to use before we export.

For example, while editing my images, I'd like to have the flexibility to choose a light or dark version of my watermark and the ability to place it at an achored location in my image (bottom left, top right, center, etc...).  With that, having an additional feature to pad the location with XX number of pixels from left, right, bottom, top, etc... so its not exactly on the edge of the screen would be equaly useful.  An exact example of this is how DXO PhotoLab (see attached image) does their watermarking.  This Watermark feature can simply be an new panel on the right side and overlayed onto the image much like you do when adding a vignette from the Effects panel.  It can be turned on or off as desired for the selected image.

Currently, the only way to apply watermarks is to scroll through my images and select the ones that will use a certain "style" and export them.  Then I go back and select the next set of images for the next "style," set the location and specific watermak I want to use, then export.  One technic I'm using to simplify my workflow is to color label them for specific watermark styles, filter on color and export just those images.  Repeat for each color label and watermark style. 

Working on watermarks from a Panel in the Develop module rather than in the export process saves us time in the future too from having to redo the mundane process of selection similar images of a specific watermark style and location, exporting, then repeating for the next style.  You can even add a section in the Export wizard for Watermarks that could ignore the watermark globally for this export or ahere to the image specific Watermark settings.  The scenario for this is that perhaps some of your exported images are intended for social media and you want the watermark whereas other exports are for print where you do not want the export.  Savings you from having to scroll through dozens of images turning the watermark on and off.  Think sports photography where I share 10, 20 or 50 images on social media but may also send a series to print.  I want my watermark on social media but not on the prints. 

In summary, I proposemoving the watermarking feature out of the Export task and into the Develop module.

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