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P: Text Overlay Feature in LR Classic Slideshow [For Export Purposes]

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Jan 15, 2024 Jan 15, 2024

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I export images to display on a digital photo frame.  No digital photo frames I'm aware of are capable of optionally showing or overlaying any metadata info.  [this seems like such a basic feature and I've searched high and low for this capability]


So, I use the Slideshow Module to create images that have the appropritate Title metadata field on top of the image, then export the images.  However, we can not control the background or font color.  It's a white text on a clear (transparent) background which is mostly fine except in snowy scenes or other scenes where that portion of the image is also white, where the text can not be seen without very careful and close examination.  It's the transparent background that is the biggest problem. It would be great if we could opt for a background color and contrasting text color.  Just providing a black background and white text I suspect would suffice for most.  And this field should automatically resize acccordingly to minimize size just to fit the text [as it currently does].


Yes, I could create a custom-sized border (is black) and place the white text inside the border, but digital photo frame screens are are not very large to begin with, and to maintain the 3:2 ratio that some better frames offer, this would greatly reduce an already relatively small image.

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