[Locked] Lightroom 6.14 not recognizing some folders for import

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Mar 28, 2021 Mar 28, 2021

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I have been using this version of LR, 6.14, for years. First time to run into this problem. I have recent photos from a vacation in a folder. The folder has 8 subfolders for different days/activities of the vacation. When I go to import the photos into LR, LR only recognizes 4 of the 8 subfolders. The others, it just acts like the folders aren't there.
There is plenty of diskspace on my PC. I have closed out LR, restarted PC etc. Nothing solves this problem. I have no idea why this is occurring because LR has recognized all my many subfolders other times.

Suggestions? Ideas of what to do to fix this?


POSSIBLY related but different problem I will post separately. This one, also, I've never seen before:

In one of the folders that LR does recognize, there are 14 photos. But LR only recognizes and imports one. It doesn't do this with the other subfolders that it recognizes -- it sees and imports all of these photos. I don't have any filters on. Tried removing and putting the photos back in. Makes no difference.

Suggestions? Ideas of what to do to fix this?



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[Further discussion please here: LR 6.14 recognizing only 1 photo in a sub-folder t... - Adobe Support Community - 11932182]


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