Missing many photos in Classic that previously sync from Mobile device

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Apr 18, 2021 Apr 18, 2021

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So there are thousands of photos under the 'All Synced Photographs' that have disappeared and show as blank images in my Lightroom classic.  These are photos that came from my mobile devices and when I try to oepn them I get a '...the original file could not be found.  Woudl you like to locate it?' and the previous location is listed under c:\...mobile downloads.lrdata\....


It appears that my earliest sync'd images are there (havne't 100% verified this), and new images are downloading OK, but there are thousands in the middle timeframe that are gone.  It's possible this correspondes to a time I moved Lightroom from one computer to another, and I can't remember if  I gravved the \mobile downloads.lrdata folder or not (but it seems like I did since it looks like some earlier photos are there).


Regardless, since these are all source from a sync from the cloud, shouldn't there be a way to restore them?  And most are probably still on the mobile devcie that is syncing.  I'd hate to loose all my tags and ratings by doing somethign that would create duplicates, and manually linking thoughsands of photos from a backup doesn't seem practical either.


Where to start?

Problem or error







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