Onedrive automatic file download to Lightroom Classic issue on new computer

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Aug 30, 2020 Aug 30, 2020

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Will start with my desired endgame in order to keep things simple: I have a new computer with dual hard drives.  I simply want to use Lightroom with Onedrive quietly working in the background as on my previous computer (laptop).  If that's not possible I'm open to disabling Onedrive on the new computer.


Having said that, this was my original plan,  I wanted to simply move some - not all - of my photos manually from my laptop to the new desktop & have both systems operate independently.   I installed both Lightroom & Photoshop after logging in to the Creative Cloud. No issues. However, when I opened Lightroom I was surprised with an automatic file download via Onedrive. Went I hit the "cancel download" button I was frightened off with a message saying basically the Lightroom.exe woudn't perform correctly if I proceeded.  Faced with an unknown, I made the decision to let the download happen and make whatever changes when the download is complete... A few days later the download is still going on. Judging from the empty grid spots, I have approx, 3000 photos left, and my patience has long since disappeared.


Here's my questions at this point: #1. Can I just cancel at this point withough causing any complications to Lightroom? #2. If I "block" the Lighroom app in Onedrive (to cancel the download), will that cause it to be blocked on my laptop as well?  #3.  If somehow I block future downloads on the new computer can I safely remove the empty grids without affecting the catologue on my laptop?  #4. If I'm commited at this point to complete the download it's my intention to move all of my photos from Onedrive to my "D" drive (which at this point is empty), Can I make independent changes on the new computer?  Will deleting photos on the new affect the old?  There's a lot of photos I plan to delete on the new computer since they're on my old computer and Onedrive.  I want the extra space on the new one.


How can I have both computers operating independently?  I have no allegiance to Onedrive on the new computer since I'm planning on using backup hard drives in the near future.  I want to leave my laptop as is.  Please advise if this is possible. I just want to get back to my projects & leave all of this nonsense behind me.  I'm a simple man! Lol! Any ideas are appreciated! 

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