Synchronization fails on photos with the same name but different dates and folders

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Jan 26, 2021

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I noticed today that there are several Lightroom Library folders that are grayed out. Lightroom shows the folders as empty but the Windows finder shows they have many photos in them. When I try to synchronize the folders, Lightroom indicates the photos are duplicates of photos already in Lightroom. Using the Library filter I can see that the photos have duplicate names (e.g., "IMG_0170.CR3"), but they are in different folders with completely different date/time stamp, file size, data, and other metadata.

I have close to 100,000 digital camera images in my Lightroom libraty that I have accumulated over the last 18 years using a variety of cameras. Each time I get a new camera the image numbering starts over. I use the camera maker's software to load the images onto my hard drive with each day's photos going into a separate folder with that day's date, camera type, and serial number as the name of the folder, e.g. "2020_02_28 EOS M6 Mark II 872040001548". There are never any images with duplicate file names in the same folder.

I see conflicting information here in the forums on how Lightroom defines duplicates, but I can't believe it should be based on filename alone.  I can't be the only photographer with multiple cameras that produce duplicate image file names over time. 

What do I need to change in Lightroom to get "Synchronize" to work properly and bring the photos that are not really duplicates into the Library? And no, I'm going back over 100K photos searching for duplicates that aren't really duplicates and renaming them, Lightroom needs to handle the situation properly.

I'm on the most current version of Lightroom Classic (10.1.1) on the most current version of Windows 10 (2004)

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