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P: Export to Camera Roll

Community Beginner ,
Mar 31, 2021 Mar 31, 2021

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I have routinely gotten the error "Unable to export, storage full" when exporting to camera roll in Lightroom Mobile on an iPhone 11 Pro iOS v14.4.2 (though it has been happening since v14, and probably before that, but it does seem more frequent since v14.4 and Lightroom updates). It does not hover seem consistently repeatable via any specific activity, and I can typically resolve it by shutting off my phone and relaunching Lightroom after a restart.  I am only using 116GB out of 256GB of device storage.  The issue will recur within 1-3 hours of normal usage (editing and saving photos via the "Export to Camera Roll" or "Export as..." functions).  I can't seem to figure out what triggers it, but once it happens, it seems the only way to resolve it is restart the phone. Anyone else experience this happening?  Potentially relevant detail: I also use iCloud for my camera roll photos - I still haven't made the full jump to Adobe cloud storage for all my photos. 

Bug Fixed
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