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Adobe Lightroom (CC) + macOS - color mismatch between edit view and export (preview)

New Here ,
Oct 06, 2022 Oct 06, 2022

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Hello everyone! I'm hoping for some help here as I'm really getting a bit desperate at the moment.


I own a 2021 Macbook Pro. When I now upload pictures of my Samsung S22 Ultra to Lightroom (the cloud version) and edit them there, they are displayed to me much less contrasty and desaturated than in the export preview (and also after the export). Especially the red tones are affected by this. Even if I upload an image to LR and don't edit it, the preview looks different than the same image opened with macOS Photo Preview. Now when I want to export the image, the export preview shows me the image correctly again.


MacOS Photo Preview = LR Export Preview = Samsung Display = "real image".
LR edit mode = desaturated, lower contrast.


Do you get what I mean? Of course, this results in me not being able to edit the images in any meaningful way at all. It also doesn't matter which color profile I choose in the Display section of the System Preferences. The problem remains.


I have already found a few topics about this, but there it was always blamed on Windows and their color management.


Hope you guys can help me with this. 😕







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