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After editing an image in Photoshop, selecting a different image resets the colour temperature

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Apr 20, 2024 Apr 20, 2024

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Issue: After changing the colour temperature of a photo I have edited in Photoshop, selecting a different image resets the colour temperature back to 0.

Expected result: Colour temperature should not change when a different image is selected.


I am doing some false colour infrared photography.


The workflow involves:

1. import images (CR2 from a Canon 1200D)

2. edit image in photoshop to do channel swap

3. close photoshop, let lightroom import the edited TIFF and it creates a stack

4. adjust white balance on the TIFF


I have noticed that on these images, Lightroom completely resets the white balance adjustment when I switch to another image. I only notice this because the filmstrip thumbnail preview changes.


Recording 1 shows this happening.


It looks like there is something in Lightroom explicitly setting the temperature to 0, because I can undo it by pressing CMD + Z a few times. The first to undo changing the selected image, and then the next undo says "Undo Temperature = 0".


Sometimes, Undo shows some really weird behaviour, where a different image is shown rotated 90 degrees when I press CMD+Z. Recording 2 shows this happening.


Sometimes, undo is completely useless, because I undo the reset, and when I click away from the image, it just resets it again.


I am pretty sure this started happening relatively recently, in the last 2-3 months or so.


I am able to reproduce this with any photo edited in Photoshop, even with source files from a different camera (Canon R6m2).


Lightroom version: 7.2 arm64 [ 20240214-0910-27200e9 ] (Feb 14 2024)

MacOS 14.4.1


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