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Android LR Mobile - lots of problems with app and sync with Classic

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Feb 27, 2024 Feb 27, 2024

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Hi. I've recently started using Lightroom Mobile on a Galaxy Tab S9 and trying to edit collections synced from Classic on my Windows desktop. Overall the experience is little short of a complete disaster - nothing works properly! There are so many bugs and problems that it is close to unusable. Yes I can technically sync an image and edit it but when trying to do real world tasks like editing a number of photoshoots with few hundred images in each of them it all falls down badly. 


A non-exhaustive list of the problems I'm currently experiencing... 

1. Copy / paste develop settings with masks included very often crashes the app. (version 9.2.0). When I hit paste it just kicks me out to the gallery view and I've to go back in again to find the photo I was working on. Trying again will usually do the exact same thing. 

2. Thumbnail previews in the gallery don't update to show the edited settings - some do, some don't and there does not appear to be any way to force a rebuild. This issue also affects the web lightroom so not just android - its a sync from classic to cloud issue. 

3. When I try to edit synced images on Mobile or Lightroom web I'm regularly getting the error "waiting for settings - this photo is missing settings that need to be downloaded..." but sync has been completed fully, there is nothing to wait for!

4. When I plug my camera (Canon EOS R) into the Tab to with USB-C cable to import raw files after a shoot the function does work but there is no option to sort, group or filter what to import. The newest images appear at the very bottom of the view I'm looking at and the only way to get to them is by scrolling all the way which is very slow as it has to draw thumbnails all the way. I've a 128 GB card in my camera so it's really not good to have to go through thousands of images to find the ones I want to import. The Samsung file manager has no problem viewing and sorting the camera contents so it is not a limitation of the usb connection.

5. Background sync does not work at all on LR mobile. When I sync a collection from Classic to the cloud and I want to be able to access and edit the smart previews on my Tab if I choose the option to store the smart previews locally on the Tab the only way to get them to download is to keep the app open, screen on and don't do anything else except watch them download. I understand there can be large amounts of data in a large collection but it's 2024 and data usage really isn't an issue unless I'm roaming - just let us manage our own data usage like every other app does! 


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