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Before I consider migrating from LRC to LR need to clean up sync issues

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Jan 31, 2024 Jan 31, 2024

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Long time LRC & LR user. With LR now offering a local option which makes culling a large volume of images that are starred in camera much faster than LRC I am considering moving back to LR. 


With this consideration I have been experimenting a bit more with LR as I do have files synced from LRC. One issue I am having is both are constantly syncing which is issue #1 to fix. #2 is in LR Desktop I edited an image that I imported directly. The edits appear in LRC, LR ios, LR web however when I go back to the image in LR Desktop where I made the edits the image reverted back to the original???


Please advise. 


*My preference vs troubleshooting since I have been doing a bit of that is to start from scratch with LR Desktop/mobile since small amount of images there synced from LRC.

iOS: iPhone , macOS






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