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Better Blur tool

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May 21, 2021 May 21, 2021

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I work as a photojournalist and often do quick photo edits (exposure, saturation, cropping) on my phone for breaking news, but sometimes there is certain details that I would like to blur out so that sensitive/private information doesn't get public. For example a face, a street sign or a license plate.

I know you can use negative Sharpen, Texture and Clarity to blur a bit, these are not enough for what I need, and sending the image over to another app isn't efficient and takes time I often don't have. This means I'll end up using a different image than I otherwise would have, or crop more than I would like to.


It isn't just for anonymity though, I often like to use a slight blur in combination or instead of with vignettes to focus attention even more, but I think the negative sharpness simply looks bad, and I would like a different kind of blur.

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