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Collaborative proofing features wishlist

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May 14, 2021 May 14, 2021

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Today, we can use collaborative proofing with our client.
We can for example limit to 10 pics that our client can select.

But the workflow is really basic and very far of real life exprerience of client proofing.
Normaly when you have to select 10 pics, first you select all images that you think they are nice, so it could be 80 for example and a some will be really similar to other.
Then you fine tune your selection, compare side 2 side 2 similar images to keep only one, ...

Until you will arrive to the 10 last pics.

But with the actual feature, it's really hard.

So we should add some features:
1) Validation of the selection
When the number of selected images is less or equal to the defined number, a button to validate the selection is active and clickable.
When the button is clicked, the selection can't be anymore modified and the galery owner is receiving a notification that the selection is done.
The goal is to avoid that the client is modifying his selection when we already started to work on images
2) Allow the selection of more than the limited number
The proofer can select more than the limited number, but a message is displayed to say that he has to refine is selection to fit in the limit
3) Filter on selected images

To refine the selection, the proofer need to be able to focus only on images he has already selected.
So a filter to display only selected images has to be added

4) Request to modify selection
After validation of a selection of images. A recall validation button is displayed to allow the proofer to request to be allowed to modify is selection.
In this case the owner get a notification and has the possibility to "reopen" the galery for selection (The proofer get a notification).
The galery come back to the state just before the proofer clicked ton the validation button.

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