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Consumes a large amount of Network Bandwidth

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Mar 15, 2022 Mar 15, 2022

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I tried to open a photo in Lightroom yesterday. Under the menu (File | Edit | Photo |, etc.) shows a microwave and "Opening in Photoshop" along with a progress bar. I checked today to see if Lightroom completed the request to open the file made yesterday, but no luck. The progress bar is where it was when I last saw it. The exit and close button ("X") does not appear to work.


I checked Windows Task Manager later about another issue and noticed my Network was at 100%. Really? How could that be? It showed Lightroom using 95 Mbps. I'll check with my internet service provider whether 95 Mbps is truly my limit.


This is not the first time this has happened. I contacted Adobe via their chat application. All in all, it took a couple of hours to fix the problem.


First question -- Does anybody have any idea why this happens? I don't always have a couple of hours available to chat with Adobe's tech support.


Second question -- Does anybody know what you're supposed do call the <, >, ^, and v icons?










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