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Continually syncing, masking brush not working and edits being lost

New Here ,
Nov 16, 2022 Nov 16, 2022

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First of all, please note this is not Lightroom Classic but Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and is running on my PC. I was doing all my edits in the same until I started hitting problems.


I downloaded the update when it was released a number of weeks ago and after working flawlessly for a few days I started noting problems...

First, it is continually syncing items with no ending. Ofcourse there is no feedback on what it is actually syncing. This happens everytime I open LR and just keeps on syncing (remember this is not Lightroom Classic which is not doing the same apart from Third mention below). 


Second when I go into Masking and select Brush, it Creates a new mask, Brush 1 for example. I can adjust the size of the brush etc. As soon as I start applying the brush to an image, The mask box disappears. No overlay and brushing does nothing . I thought it is a gliche. So I continue to apply the brush and try adjusting the exposure, or anything else and nothing happens.


Third, with other adjustments completed. I close LR and go to LR Classic. This used to instantly sync the items. Now it is trial an error. It does not sync from LR to LRC and just shows the original unedited RAW file. After which it syncs the same RAW file, uploading it. Opening LR again, all edits are gone and I am back with the RAW file and no way to retrieve the hard work I previosuly did editing the file.


Any ideas what is going on?









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