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Oct 31, 2021 Oct 31, 2021

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Hi I'm having a bit of a problem I was hoping to get some help with.


So I imported a bunch of photos from my camera (fuji xt100) to my phone using the cameras own app and then opened these images in lightroom mobile.

I performed edits on these images and got them all looking just how I wanted them but then realised that the  Fuji app only imported low resolution jpegs and this is what I had been editing on.


So I went back and imported all the images from the camera again this time to my desktop pc in order to edit them in desktop lightroom at full resolution. So now in my desktop lightroom I have side by side the original low res edits and the full resolution unedited jpegs and I am trying to copy the edit settings over - I use ctrl + C to copy then crtl + v to pase the settings from the low res to the high res however when I do this the 2 images look different - the colours, sharpening and contrast are very differnt and the crop is not copied over at all.

All the settings on the bar at the side are identical, whites, blacks etc are all at the same values on both images - Why do they look differnt and why is it not copying the crop?










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