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Export vs Edit In when moving image from LR to PS

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Dec 08, 2020 Dec 08, 2020

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I've previously only ever used the "Edit In" option to move an image from LR to PS - it seemed to be fairly quick way of transferring if any additional pp was needed. Recently i've noticed that the images in PS appear flat when compared to LR, so i've been trying to educate myself a bit more about color space.


I now have the preferences in PS set to ProPhotoRGB to match LR as best I can.


When I use the "Edit In" command (right click an image in LR) and select PS, the image still appears to be flat and less vibrant than the LR version. However if I use the LR export option, and set the color space to ProPhotoRGB (saved as PSD file, 16 bit), and have PS open the file automatically, the resulting exported image is much more akin to how it is displayed in LR.


I thought I was doing pretty much the same thing with Edit In, and Export. But obviously there is some difference either in what these two options are designed to do, or (....most likely....) how i've set up my preferences. Grateful for any advice on why i'm getting two different results when using what I thought should be same workflow.


I'm using LightRoom 5 and PhotoShop CS5 extended


Presets or profiles







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