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Exporting / Deleting / Restoring Photos and Images - Lightroom Behaviour Anomalies

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Jun 01, 2023 Jun 01, 2023

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May 2023: I am running close to the 100 GB space limit in my Lightroom cloud storage so I have started exporting edited images and deleting albums and folders. However, I have run into anomalous behaviour by Lightroom which means I have to check the results very carefully. I have provided links to descriptions of two separate anomalies I have run into. The Adobe team are taking these reports seriously, so we can expect improvements, but my guess is that editing and AI advances will take priority to attract new customers. In the meantime, if you are exporting and/or deleting images, please observe the results carefully and report unexpected behaviour to Adobe.

a) I import photos in large batches from WhatsApp on my iPhone - it's a really useful and time-saving feature in the iPhone Lightroom app. However, images taken within a minute of each other will arrive with the same filenames. When exporting them from Lightroom, I ran into difficulties: 


b) I use albums that I originally created as collections in Lightroom CC years ago. I added images to the albums in Lightroom. However, when I tried to export all the images to my hard drive after editing the results were definitely not what I expected. Read more here: 


Please be very careful to check the results of your export operations before deleting photos from your cloud storage. When I tried to restore the images that I had problems exporting, they reappeared in my clound, but the albums and folders from which they were deleted did not reappear! Finding them among 33,000 photos in my cloud storage was difficult to say the least!

If you have had related problems, please report them here with detailed screenshots. Please try and reproduce the behaviour if you can. 

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