Fault free cloud syncing: Best practice ideas

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Nov 16, 2021 Nov 16, 2021

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I recently had a corrupted PSD file which resided in the lightroom cloud folder.  I think I have a strategy that might interest people and would like some constructive feedback.


First, my workflow is as follows as it relates to the safekeeping of my photos.

Objective: Streamline the ingestion process, make photos available everywhere in a loss-less workflow.


I import full res raw files into LR mobile (LRM) for the Ipad and sync to the cloud. These are typically 60mb files. I run some global corrections and sync back to LR Classic (LRC). Upon close examination, I edit a file in Photoshop (desktop) as a smart object, in 16 bit mode.  I keep the original layer for reference make duplicate layers for opacity changes, apply various adjustment layers and smart filters. Hit Save.


Now, space is not an issue for me, so I think hitting save automatically saves the file back into LRC's cloud sycn folder. Saving the layered PSD file in lightroom will give me easy access to the latest edited file.


Tip 1: Be mindful of the file size for cloud sync. My corrupted file was 1.3 GB large and I read a suggestion somewhere that size can be problematic.

Tip 2: Save the PSD file locally (outside of cloud folder). Drag a copy of the file back into  LR --For full resolution editing in LRM for the Ipad. This way, your file is backedup locally and any corruption in the sync process can be easily corrected.
Tip 3: Alternative: For unavoidable large files, create a new PSD file with the same resolution as the edited file. Place (Embed) the edited file as a new *linked* file. This seems to reduce the file size, allows you to see the file in LRM, and then quickly edit the larger linked file upon return to the desktop. The 'present' downside is, you can't work on the linked file in Photoshop for the Ipad. 

Does anyone have better ideas or something to add?

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