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Help! Lightroom CC presets won’t show on my new MacBook

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Nov 09, 2020 Nov 09, 2020

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I've scoured all the questions from folks who had a similar issues and I've tried everything suggested, but I still can't get all my lightroom CC presets to show on my new computer! This is what happened:


I bought a new MacBook Pro a few days ago. I downloaded Lightroom CC to it. I then went to my old MacBook to export my presets, but suddenly none of my presets were showing on my old computer! So weird - why would they disappear like this? Is it because I now had Lightroom on 2 computers? Anywho, I tried opening a catalog from a wedding I had recently edited and, whew, there were all my presets. I exported them, put them on a harddrive, plugged the hard drive into my new computer, put the presets where they belonged (in the Develop Presets folder), imported them to Lightroom on the new computer where I had that same wedding catalog pulled up, and ta-da! It seemed as though all was good. But, it wasn't. A certain group of presets I had (Archipelago ExFilm to be exact) didn't show up, which happen to be the ones I use most. All the other presets did, and the photos I had already edited  in that wedding catalog maintained their edit with those Exfilm preset. SO, I thought "I'll just save the settings as a new preset." But, it didn't work. The new preset wouldn't appear and it would give me the warning "presets already saved" or something like that. I finally figured out it was actually the Profile from that preset that wasn't saving - it must be a custom one and for some reason it will not save. 

So that's one part of my problem, the other part is that the presets will not show up in any new catalog I make. They only appear in catalogs I had previously created on my old computer.


I have gone to the preferences and made sure "partially compatable presets" is CHECKED, and "store presets with this catalog" is UNCHECKED. I've spent so much time trying to figure this out, I really hope I can get some help hwre! Thank you!!


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