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How do clipping warnings vary between Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile?

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Feb 12, 2021 Feb 12, 2021

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Are the Lightroom clipping warnings for individual colour channels very different between Lightroom and Lightroom mobile? The warnings seem far more aggressive when editing photos on my mobile phone rather than my laptop.

Let's say I'm editing on my phone using Lightroom Mobile, and the picture is a very-slightly-underexposed photo of a person in relatively bright sunlight. If I start pushing up the exposure in Lightroom Mobile, I get red clipping warnings very quickly. White clipping warning - showing that all colour channels are blown, I assume - comes in later.

On Lightroom (on my laptop) I will be able to push the exposure much further before I see any red clipping warnings. The white clipping warnings, however, will come in at around the same point as they do when I'm editing on the phone.

What's going on here? I get that the white warning is showing bits of the photo where _all_ detail has been lost from _all_ colour channels, and hence the pixels are pure white. But what does the red clipping warning show? Is it different on mobile and laptop? I'd assumed it was showing me when I was starting to lose detail in a particular colour channel, but if that's the case: why is it so much more aggressive on mobile?

Thanks for any help, I'm finding this both puzzling and frustrating!

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