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How to download my files from cloud storage after my subscription has expired

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May 12, 2023 May 12, 2023

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My CC subscription expired a few days ago. I still have the CC app running on my Windows PC. It says that my Cloud Storage is 95Gb out of my now much smaller 2Gb allowance.


I think that Adobe will keep my files for 30 days and allow me to download them during that period, but I can't work out how to do it. It might be that these are files that I already have elsewhere, but I'm really not sure and would like to cross check by downloading them and doing a compare.


I can't see the files on the Adobe website or the CC app (although both say there is 95Gb of something in there, theyboth also say there are no files).


File syncing is setup in the app and says it is up to date. But when I go to the directory it points to, all it has is a tidy little shortcut, that points back to the website.


I found and run the Lightroom downloader. When it was running it seemed to be counting many thousands of files. But then only download 4Gb, 171 files. It did not report any errors. I don't know if all 95Gb would be in Lightroom on some other part of CC (are there other downloaders like the Lightroom one? One for everything would be ideal).


I did look at resubcribing to CC, but it seems to only allow a full year, instead of the 1 month I need.


Is there any way of finding out what that 95Gb is and also downloading it?







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