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I lost half of my storage: from 200Gb to 100Gb - using two plans - have there been a change/upgrade?

New Here ,
Dec 19, 2022 Dec 19, 2022

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I have had 2 plans at the same time: 1 mobile and 1 desktop plan since 2018,

Lightroom Mobile Premium for Android 100GB
Creative Cloud All Apps for teacher/student 100GB 

The way it worked for years for me for Lightroom was that I had 200GB of cloud storage, which I believed to be combined 100GB plus 100GB

I usually used about 130GB, which allowed me to upload big photoshoots into Lightroom and check these comfortably.

Everything worked like a dream, on one PC, one Laptop and mobile phone (Android) 


What happened couple of days ago (I think on Friday the 16th but not sure as it is Christmas and I was going out) is that all over suddent my Lightroom started saying "you are over your storage limit" and stopped syncing. When I looked into it, it appears that now I have 100GB of storage only.

I have no idea what has changed - I spent a lot of time today with Adobe support who didn't seem to be helpful, and didn't seem to know how storage from two separate plans is supposed to work. I couldn't find any Help articles on it too.

First of all - does anyone know if there was a big upgrade?

Second - does anyone out there have an understanding on how storage from two plans is supposed to work on Android Mobile Lightroom and Windows Lightroom?


And third - why can't we just add a small amount of cloud storage? I tried to change to ITB plan once, but that was crashing my PC and mobile. 


Android , Windows






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