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Import--Issues with .lrcat and .lrdata

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Nov 02, 2020 Nov 02, 2020

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Hi. I'm the guy who posted an import question yesterday. Somebody linked to a helpful article. Thank you. It seems my problem lies in the previews and the catalog settings. When I moved the catalog from one computer to the other, an .lrcat and a .lrdata file came with them. I believe that the answer to my problems lies in those files.


The problem is, when I click "File" then click on any of the various "import" and "open" settings, those files are grayed out. If I click on one of the pictures and try to locare it, those files are grayed out. If I just click on the files, I'm told that I don't have an application to open them. Want to go on the app store and find one? Sure. But there's nothing to be found. 


I'm close. I can see my files on the left side. But they're all grayed out and riddled with  question marks. I can see pictures on the screen. But somehow they aren't really there.


Note that creating a catalog is not the way I would normally make a back up. My normal process would give me a lot of pictures in folders. The top folder called "My Lightroom Pictures" as the past (and present?) bible of Lightroon told me to do. Then a first level of subfolders for each year, then subfolders within that. It was somehow connected to Lighroom. Changes made in the program affected the pictures in those folders. I still have all those folders on the old computer. When I started this mishegas, I created a new catalog and moved that over to the new computer. I could make a copy of all of those folders from the old computer and move it to the new computer. Should I? What do I do then.


I've got to be close. Somebody, please, push me over the edge.

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