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iPhone RAW photos color fringe upon import to Lightroom mobile

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May 11, 2022 May 11, 2022

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The iPhone 13 Pro now allows one to capture RAW photos without needing a third party software. When I imported my sunrise photos shot in RAW to Lightroom's mobile app, it immediately created a chromatic aberration or red colour fringe along buildings where they meet the sky. I inspected the original RAW image on iOS Photos App, and there is no chromatic aberration or red color fringe. I tried ticking on Optics>Remove Chromatic Aberration, but it does not really help at all. I tried using Masking>Color Range (the eye dropper tool)>Optics>Defringe, but it also did not help at all. Why is Lightroom causing a chromatic aberration/red colour fringe on iOS RAW photos upon just import? Is there any way to fix or prevent Lightroom from doing this? (I also tried removing--putting at zero--from the Preset all moved markers--sharpening was set automatically at 50, color noise reduction was set to 25--but that did nothing to fix the issue either).

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