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Lightroom Adjustment Slider and Scrolling Over-sensitivity

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Sep 15, 2021 Sep 15, 2021

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I am new to Lightroom and having an issue the makes it almost impossible to use the program. It seems like the program is extremely sensitive to my scroll bar. When I try to drag the adjustment sliders in the edit menu, the program thinks I am trying to scroll up and down through the entire menu rather than click and drag an individual slider. Additionally, if I just click on an adjustment slider, the program also interprets that as a scroll.


Are there keyboard commands that quickly and easily control the adjustment sliders? Or is their a tool mode I can edit an individual slider rather than scrolling through the edit menu? I'm trying to find a solution that won't require me to buy a new mouse just to use Lightroom (I have an Apple Magic Mouse, so the scrollbar isn't seperate from the clicker). I don't have any issues with the mouse in any other program, including programs in the Adobe Creative Suite. 


I have Lightroom 4.4, working on OS 11.5.2. 


Thanks for your help,










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