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Lightroom beginner questions: cloud, migration & file structure

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Feb 08, 2021 Feb 08, 2021

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I am new to this community - so far, I’ve been using LR6, since I’ve upgraded to Mac M1 & Big Sur, I need a new version and run currently the photo trial (LR Classic and LR). Classic is +/- the same as LR6, but it’s a huge delight to check LR out! But there are still some open questions I’ve not been able to get answered to far:

1) As I’am in trial phase, my Adobe Cloud space (20GB) is full and even deleting files (incl. delete the deleted) does not free any space, the web dashboard confirms that cloud contains no files anymore. This is status >48h after I started to import photos to LR and deleted them - what goes wrong here?
2) I’ve learned that LR keeps local files on my SSD in one database folder - all pictures I’ve had added so far are saved same path as in LR6/Classic folder structure: Lighroom CC > 788b1……… > originals > YYYY > YYYY-MM-DD > file.nef. So, am I able to locate any file the same way  in future (by knowing day of shooting) or will all files disappear in a creepy folder structure, comparable to Apple’s Photo App?
3) As LR6/LR Classic are local software with local file structure, what will happen once I am not able to continue my LR subscription for any reason, get local files deleted as soon Adobe Cloud (and LR) will be deactivated or is the LR folder and it’s content still accessible with inactive Adobe Account?
4) Why I should «migrate» LR Classic catalogue, Apple Photo App Library and not only import the files? And why should I am not be able to switch back to LR Classic (and it's catalogue) once migration has been done? Good to know: majority (99%) of my files are still in original state in my catalogue, only a few have been edited, I don't need to carry keywords, preferences, albums...
I am very close to switch completely to LR (without CC?) - availability to access and to work on all of my (mobile)  devices is a real benefit for me. But not knowing exactly what’s happening to my files when cloud  and LR is not available keeps me doubting…
Thank you!
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