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Lightroom CC Issue entering and editing metadata in Library module?

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Oct 29, 2020 Oct 29, 2020

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I am running the latest version of LR Classic, operating on a MacBook Pro, Catalina 10.15.7

As a travel photographer, I fill the keyword screen, and more than is visible on-screen with location keywords. There are two problems that predate the latest LR update, and go back before Catalina.......

1. Clicking on a word to correct a typo initiates the twirling rainbow wheel, requiring an eternity for it to backspace.

2. Holding down an alphakey to bring up the over-letter accent selection, has just become a problem, with the twirling wheel activating as soon as an accent is selected, and upon the wheel disappearing, the selected letter appears  without the accent appended. It takes several attempts to make it work.

3. Keywords added that extend below the keyword window are often impossible to read, because the text does not always scroll up. Using the arrow keys most times is flakey, and sometimes the last words added do not stick if they are below the bottom of the window. As a note, if I create the keyword list elsewhere and cut and paste, it is not a problem to view the entire list by scrolling, however this is not practical unless many images have the same keywords.
As key wording is tedious in itself, these additional problems do not help. Any words of advice would be appreciated.....or is this a system bug? 


Bug, Mac







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