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Lightroom CC on iOS Default Launch View - Weird???

New Here ,
Apr 12, 2021 Apr 12, 2021

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Whenever I launch Lightroom on my iPhone, the default Library view chooses a random place to have it open. 


It used to be the same always launching with the latest photo (Either Captured or Import Date) at the bottom like the iOS Photos App organises it. 


Lately if I have sort by "Date Captured" it will launch the app and by default show the oldest photo in my library at the very top (So have to scroll to the bottom to see the latest) 

Another issue is that if I open a photo or work on it and keep the photo open in the app, then close the app and relaunch - It will open on that photo, but when I go back to the library, it defaults back to the oldest photo in my library at the top again... WTH.... So frustrating to work on this app all of a sudden.

And then sometimes it will pick a stupidly random place to show the default view, like photos from a few weeks back... There seems to be no logic in the way it launches, or even a setting for this. 

This is super irritating as it's never the same and I always have to figure out where the hell I am before I actually can start editing and/or browsing.


{Moved from Lightroom Cloud to Lightroom Mobile Forum by Moderator} 






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