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Lightroom Classic Windows performance issue

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Oct 21, 2020 Oct 21, 2020

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I recently moved from iMac to PC. iMac was from 2017, new PC runs AMD Ryzen 3600, 1070ti, NVME SSDs, 64GB ram, all better parts than my iMac was.


The issue I am having is the performance. The Lightroom Classic boots up still slower than on my iMac, although the machine is faster in any aspect. I was using PFixer key mapping software which was great so I use a lot of shortcuts and I am a super fast editor. I do a lot of copy and paste settings and here is my problem...


While changing the exposure, any settings on my keyboard I immediately copy those settings and apply to the next image. The issue Lightroom has on PC is that changing those settings takes around a second to register on History, thumbnail update, or on a histogram.  If I click with my mouse to any sliders, the change is instant in history, thumbnail, but if I use the keyboard, the change takes a second. So that leaves me a problem when copying the settings ctrl-shift-c (customized on LRKeys to a different shortcut though), and applying it to another image immediately after that, the setting is not recorded - because there is a second delay in Lightroom! When I wait for a second, it is alright. But as you know, every second lost is a huge waste of time.


I have tried almost everything. I know very well how to optimize Lightroom, all those tutorials are tried. I disable all the plugins on windows, wacom tablet, virus plugins, tried preferences changes, uninstalled Lightroom, tried older versions, nothing so far. I also have two different keyboards to try,  one wired, one wireless - same results. I also disabled LRKeys, using native Lightroom keyboard shortucts, all the same.


Overall, my old iMac still runs better than my "new" PC, such a shame.


Does anyone have any ideas why Lightroom has that delay because of the keyboard changes? Thanks!



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