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Lightroom freezes on a 60 image panorama

New Here ,
Jan 15, 2022 Jan 15, 2022

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I've been trying to use Lightroom to proccess some of my 360 panoramas, and I've dealt with problems around every turn. These problems seem pretty simple and common, but gamebreaking. I'm not sure why they haven't been fixed yet.

About half the time I start a 60 picture panorma, which takes 20ish minutes to render, it'll freeze partway through the proccess and not inform me of anything. Then I have to restart, losing 20 minutes of time, which per panorama of which I have quite a few to proccess, thats gonna be several hours of lost time just for this one set of Panoramas I'm working on.

Also Lightroom will cap out my 16 gigs of Memory and my 500 mb/s of Internet to 100% usage, often while idling. I have gone into the creative cloud settings and set caps for the internet and everything I could find, and this problem still exists. Theres seriously no setting to limit the amount of Memory available so Lightroom doesn't use 12gigs of it? Instead they let it run full bore and use all thats available, slowing my computer to a crawl. I've got a Ryzen 5-2600 and 16gigs 3200mhz, this should not be an issue. Inless you now need 32gigs of ram minimum to do tasks in Lightroom.

Also my Nikon camera takes pictures in a DSCN00001 format, so with each photo taken the number increases. So when I reach DSCN10000, the numbers roll back over. So my numbers recently rolled over, and as I went to import some photos I was blocked with the screen "Previously Added". After googling, I found that Lightroom Classic had a checkmark to bypass this, but it's since been removed. My only option was to either rename all my new photos, maybe with some software, or delete my old photos stored in Lightroom.  You'd think that the #1 photo importing software, backed by an entire team and monthly payments, would have put a mere 2 seconds of thought put into it? Lightroom is rushed trash.

Also Lightrooms Panorama options are the barebones, no option to get a forced 2:1 for 360 panoramas, and no way to set which image is upright so that the Panorama AI doesn't get confused and make your Panorama vertical. I understand they want to make things simple, but they can't make it this simple without cutting functionality.

I've also missed a ton of other smaller bugs, but these are just the main few I've been dealing with. Very infuriating for a paid software. It seems like every single feature has been simplified as much as possible ruining Lightroom and making it more of a mobile app than a desktop workstation for your images.







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