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Lightroom Gallery / Portfolio: Not Fit for Purpose as a Photo Sharing Site

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Feb 02, 2022 Feb 02, 2022

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I am a longtime photographer for personal use with experience using free services like Picasa / Google Photos as well as Adobe Lightroom / Portfolio / Lightroom Galleries.


At present, I find critical features missing from both Myportfolio (showing Albums exported from Lightroom) as well as Lightroom Gallery. 

Lightroom Gallery: There are three maddiningly-simple features missing from Gallery

1) No ability to SORT Albums. Seriously! How are these even displayed? It seems when I share an album to Gallery it gets randomly inserted along with all the other albums in the Gallery. Not by title. Not by date uploaded. WTF? This is not usable when sharing my Gallery link with family. To fix this, users should be able to organize the order with which albums are shown in Lightroom Gallery or at least to sort them by something intelligent, like the date of the album. Ideally, users could also create pages or folders of albums if they have many albums that they want to share with family/coworkers within the Gallery and each folder/album should have its own Shareable link. Pretty basic stuff. 

2) No ability to select a Cover Image for albums in Gallery. Come on! This feature exists in every other photo sharing site! How hard can it be to add here? It's even in Myportfolio so why is it not available here?

3) No ability to share to the Gallery from the desktop version of Lightroom. Not Lightroom Classic, but the cloud version of Lightroom that is a desktop app. From the desktop app, I can only share an album to Myportfolio, but not to Gallery, so I have to go into lightroom.adobe.com and then separately share the same album to the Gallery. 


There are two major issues with the Myportfolio website that displays albums from Lightroom desktop app.

1) No download capability. This is huge for a photo sharing app. We need to be able to allow users to download individual images as well as entire albums. This feature exists in Gallery, but not in Myportfolio. Thus, if I have an album of family pictures to share with my family, I have to send them links to both sites: One to a site that looks good on their phones (Myportfolio) and another to a site where they can download images. It's SO CLUNKY and cumbersome, for no good reason!

2) No Videos. This creates a big functionality gap between Gallery albums and Myportfolio albums. When I send a link to an album to my family, I'm forced to share the Gallery link (which is a crappy user interface with impossible-to-find albums) if there are any videos in the album. That sucks. Please add the same video capability on Myportfolio as exists in Gallery.

At present, when I want to upload a new album, I first share with Portfolio and update the site, then I go to Lightroom.adobe.com and add the same album to Gallery (where I need to update the sort order). Then I need to copy both links to send to family with a note that they can't download anything on the pretty site and they can't view videos there, but also that they'll need to search for the album among 100 other randomly-sorted albums on the Gallery page. 


Please fix these very basic requests!

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