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Lightroom iOS device photos

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Feb 15, 2024 Feb 15, 2024

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Hi I'm trying to get my head around something I saw but can't find again in the settings.


I use LR Classic on my PC and LR CC on my iPhone/iPad.

With my iPhone images I open LR CC and they auto-import to LR, synchronise to the cloud and then when I'm on my PC they synchronise to a folder on my PC in LR Classic. That's the point where I know exactly where they are and can back them up onto local drives.

Before I used that route I would take a photo on my iPhone and it would go into the iCloud Photos, be downloaded to iCloud photos and I'd import it into LR Classic (with no LR CC involved at all).

A while ago there was a LR CC upgrade and I got a prompt, as I opened LR CC, which said something along the lines to ask if I wanted to work with LR CC using the photos on my "My Photos" in the iOS Photos app or whether I wanted to work with them in LR CC but it warned me about doing so because it said if I worked in Photos then the images wouldn't be backed up to the LR cloud system. It said I could change this setting later. And I skipped it as I was busy and didn't want to risk changing what had been working for me.

Well now I'm thinking carefully about where things go again. Specifically I'm looking at my iPhone photos (not my other photos).

I know I'll continue to use LR Classic on my PC for my professional work but I'm wondering about the LR CC side of things - for example I have a 1TB subscription to LR CC but maybe I could instead use a 1TB iCloud subscription to allow photos to all stay on there - which would have consequences for using LR Classic later and importing the photos seamlessly to my PC.

I can't find the setting anyway. I can see that I can click "Device" to see the images on the device rather than "Lightroom" to see the ones there.

Could anyone explain what that prompt was about, where such a setting might be, and help me to understand if I want to change from using the "Lightroom" option or not?


iOS: iPhone , Windows






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