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Lightroom Mobile 9.0 Editor Tag & Review Regression

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Nov 17, 2023 Nov 17, 2023

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Overall the new streamlined editor I believe is more welcomg to new users but it's simplicity comes at a reduced experience for more seasoned users overall. Alas, it's fine, and companies need to tailor the product to wear they see fit. The one significant issue I see however, is when using Rate & Review, which is now deeply hidden in the app, even though something i use constantly. Again, that such a key feature is more hidden still isn't the issue, but rather when in that mode, in the past, like in most any other app such as Apple Photos, you can swipe on the bottom grid of photos to quickly move through countless photos. Something broke in this new version and that is no longer possible. Instead you have to manually click on each each in the bottom, which is much slower, and requires you to look at the bottom with each intentional click since depending on the orientation the size of the thumbnail may change. On the main image you can still swipe, but I never use that because it slides the image, rather than swiping on the bottom carousel will it instantly changes allowing you to instantly see differences between a series of photos. 

On a new iPhone Pro running the latest iOS and the latest Lightroom iOS app in the App Store in the US.


To get to rate and review you to now choose any random image, then the "..." in top right then info and rating in the menu that appears in the bottom. Now try swiping on the caursel of images at the bottom. The selected image no logner changes as it has in all previous versions, and as it works in other apps such as Apple Photos. This results in the all issues noted above. 

iOS: iPhone






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