Lightroom Mobile (Android) resets edits

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Sep 09, 2021 Sep 09, 2021

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Last week I noticed that my edits were being reset after I made them on my phone. I would make edits to an image, go back to gallery, the thumbnail would update to the new edits and then after selecting the same image it would process upon opening and go back to the original form - all edits reset. If I go back to the gallery, the thumbnail remains the same with the edits but nothing I do will keep the edits I made before as it opens with the new edits, spinning wheel, all edits reset. If I want to post the image with the edits, before going back to the gallery I have to export a JPG. 


Lightroom Mobile Version 6.4.0

Google Pixel 2 - Android V. 11

Gallery - Develop - make edits - Gallery - (thumb updates to preview edits) - Develop - (image opens - processes - original as shot settings) - Smart Preview resets

Screen Record attached. 


Everything has been fully updated and nothing solves these issues.  Uninstalled LR Mobile and reinstalled with no change. 








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