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Lightroom Storage Taking Over Hard Drive....

Community Beginner ,
Sep 12, 2022 Sep 12, 2022

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Let me start out by saying this is my fault. 100%. Self-created. 

This is also on my list to figure out because something storage-related will surface and gives me hell. 


I have a folder on my computer "managed catalog.MCAT that is 987.9 MB, Lightroom Catalog that is 786.8 MB and Lightroom Catalog sync that is 690 MB. What the heck is happening here? Can I get rid of any of these? What are these? 

I started using Lightroom CC  (now just called Lightroom) when I first started using Lightroom and would like to switch to Classic eventually so I can tether. I have both on my computer. Are the three Lightroom Catalogs related to one program?


I've set myself up for failure with my self-taught Lightroom journey. I've learned as I go and I get myself into some trouble. There's a bunch of file mumbo jumbo in my wake and I've never taken the time to understand. My files are a mess and there's thousands of them on Lightroom and a bunch of hard drives all over my studio. I have no real system for storing and organizing folders. I'm a decent photographer, but I can't continue on like this.

1. I need help understanding how to set-up lightroom to not take over all the storage on my new Macbook. and how I can start to implement some healthy habits. Do I keep an external hard drive plugged in my computer and work off of that? Feel free to suggest a video, if you think it would help.

2. I need to know what a successful workflow looks like with storing images. 












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